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We are a New Zealand company based in Lower Hutt, Wellington Region. Our product line is discrete, so we do not operate a physical store and instead distribute online only. Automated checkout is setup for Australia and New Zealand customers, however international shipments can be organised to other countries, contact us if interested. 

We are the importer and distributor of strong, reliable and safer hand winches; strictly one brand (Wyeth-Scott). Wyeth-Scott was founded in 1906 in USA, and the More Power Puller® developed in 1934. This proven design has been used around the world. The More Power Puller® from Wyeth-Scott provides a reliable long lived winch, that can be used around the farm, when out collecting firewood, and to get out of sticky situations when offroading. We realised the many uses of the More Power Puller® on our own lifestyle property, of which many of the videos in the gallery originate from. From testing this in a range of situations, we decided it is a tool many kiwis and aussies would find handy, and from this Hand Winch NZ/AU was established and we developed a direct relationship with the parent company in Newark, Ohio USA. 

The basic premise of this winch is safety, portability and manual operation. These are intended to provide an alternative or backup portable option to an electric winch, which are heavy and often need to be custom mounted to your vehicle, and require a power source. The hand winch also provides additional options for other uses (farm or forestry work), or pulling a vehicle from behind. The More Power Puller® can be used for generations, swapped between vehicles and repaired if there are any damages. 

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As we operate an online store, we do not provide our physical address for privacy reasons. 

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We will be happy to make contact with you over the phone if you would like to discuss the winch or any accessories further. Thank you for your patience. 

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Tirfor Winch versus Wyeth Scott Hand Winch

Tirfor style winches have existed for a long time, but are limited by their heavy weight from the mechanism and steel cable (excess of 40+kg for 3.2 tonne models). In addition, the steel cable is a hazard if it snapped while someone is operating the winch. 

Wyeth-Scott More Power Puller® 2.7 - 5.4 tonne model can pull a similar weight, weighs <11 kg, uses a synthetic rope and is easily repairable. The most important factor is that a snapped line would store much less energy and doesn't have the weight like a steel cable, thus significantly reducing the risk to the winch operator.


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