Hand Winch Testimonials - More Power Puller

A collection of reviews from around the globe

Youtube Review on HW-NZ/AU videos

I've had my PowerPull for over 27yrs, it has a steel 1/4 cable and its heavy, that synthetic cable looks to spool out way smoother and with no bird nesting :-) that might have to be an upgrade for mine

Facebook review 2022 purchase

Have been using one for 6 months now for dragging stuff around and they are awesome. Well worth the money.

Trademe Purchase 2022

Quality Product backed by quality service. Highly recommend this winch if you are looking for a professional tool thats built to last and can handle what its rated for. A+ 

NZ 2022 Purchase

I spent ages researching winch options. Vehicle-mounted winches don't get used very often - and I wanted something that would cover multiple vehicles, winching from front and rear, and other winching and lifting scenarios. I am very pleased with my selection of a More Power Puller

Australia 2022 Feedback

I did some research on it a while ago and was tossing around this or a winch for use primarily with a Suzuki jimny.  The ability to move it between cars and the wide variety of uses and total weight make it an ideal solution for me.  I don’t have to have it in the car unless I am heading out of town

NZ 2021 Purchase

Evening James, Got the winch, bloody good. Hauled a good pine log out of the bush today with it

Amazon Review - Loading a trailer

I used this to drag (yes drag) a 1946 Chevy dump truck onto a deck-over trailer. The truck weighed about 8300lbs. The rear wheels did not turn at all so it was literally dragged. I cannot tell you how impressed I am by this beast of a “come-along.” Bryan Miller - 28/1/2020

Amazon Review - Better than Cheap Come-a-longs

Best puller. If you do serious farm or backcountry work this puller is a must. I have spent $70 to $80 on pullers and got two uses out of them, because I need them to get me out of the mud or move heavy objects. This puller is worth every penny, I've hoisted tractor parts, pulled downed trees, and vehicle recovery. With a little grease and proper storage this puller is barely showing wear. Also, the blue rope, unlike steel cables, won't destroy your hands or equipment. This is a buy once item. Lisa - 28/1/2020

Magazine Review - 4WD use

Winches are a recovery staple if you wheel hard and get stuck often, but winch setups add significant weight and cost. Wyeth-Scott offers an alternative...During use, it feels rock-solid, even with my truck properly stuck. Being able to pull in any direction makes it a very versatile recovery device. That said, it is no speed machine. Pull speed will be less than half that of a good electric winch...For the solo traveller, overland explorer, or weekend warrior, the Wyeth-Scott More Power Puller is a great winch alternative that can get you out of trouble. Jason Livingstone Suncruiser Media - 23/8/2019

Forestry Use

I mainly used these for pulling stumps, trees and rocks...On many occasions, we would dig around the base of a tree, cut the roots and then pull the whole tree over...Now, I'm cutting trees and doing arborist stuff on the side as a hobby. These come-a-longs are my "go-to" tool for almost every tree that I cut. Most are back-leaners over a structure or wire and I rely solely on these come-a-longs to get the tree stood upright and then pull it over center and break it off in a controlled fashion - Bill — Pennsylvania 09/19/2016

Amazon Review - Vehicle Recovery

Have you ever felt completely alone? This thing backed me out without fail. I was by myself and felt much happier having the rope version vs the cable one. Took about 15-20 min. Fantastic device. I later used this thing to serenade a tornado in to a whisper contest. I might not speak French. But when I do, I do it in Russian - Amish Rocket Scientist - 2/11/2016

Amazon Review - Stumps and Safety

Couldn't be happier. I've used this winch to pull three stumps out of the ground. Previously I've had to either dig 'em out or use a stump grinder to grind 'em down. Now I can pull out the entire stump along with most of the roots. I love not having to use wire rope, I've always feared it breaking and snapping back at me. The Amsteel Blue rope is a huge step up for safety. I did get the extension handle which helped greatly. ChiefB - 21/07/2020

AmSteel Puller - 10 years old

"Hello, I've been using my 10 year old More Power Puller all day, and felt the need to contact you. Plain and simple, I could not be more satisfied with this product...I got mine with the Amsteel rope 10 years ago, and it is good as new. I once lifted the end of a 40' flatbed trailer for a semi truck, straight line pull, with a pulley up a tree, and pulled it across a steam to turn into a bridge... have pulled out countless trucks stuck down ditches or in the mud, used it as an engine hoist, pulled big beams up onto posts to build a barn, and pulled huge trees out of tight spots to cut them up... — Andy Washington 10/31/2020 .

Boat recovery at the beach

Good morning. I thought I'd drop you a note to let you know that the 3 ton puller I bought did a sterling job hauling my Wharram Tiki 21 sailboat around the beach when we launched it at the weekend. The puller was very easy to use. In fact, my next door neighbor's son, who is only 10 years old, cranked the puller on his own for two of the sets (35 feet of AmSteel-Blue line) when we recovered the boat -- no trouble at all. -  Brian — Hong Kong 04/08/16

Hunting and 4WD

I already own one of these that I bought for my hunting and old 4x4 a few years ago. Great tool. It once helped get a 6000 lb bobcat out of a ditch. Heck of a workout, but it did the job! I wanted a spare for my SUV since it is 2wd - worth the price not to get stranded. Thank you! Best winch I've ever used!"   Brian — GA 4/03/13


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