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Different types of hand winches

There are a range of hand winches available. Traditional mechanical winches have typically been broken into two categories: 1. Come-a-Long : These hand winches are interchangeably called ratchet pullers. They use a reel/drum to hold either steel cable or synthetic rope (i.e. AmSteel Rope with the More Power Puller). On the drum are a number of teeth (or 'ratchets') of which a pawl can engage and lock into. A handle connected to the drum allows the operator to rotate the drum, winding on line, of...

April 27, 2022

Hand Winch or Electric Winch for 4x4 recovery?

An electric winch mounted to a vehicle offers benefits when out exploring and tackling  off road trails. Particularly, a front mounted electric winch:  requires low user effort, it can be operated with a remote, the user can drive/steer while winching, the user is out of the way, in the event of a winch rope or shackle failure. However, at the same time these setups often require a custom bullbar to be installed to hold the weight of the winch (many weighing over 50 kg), limi...

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