Complete Package 2 - (2.7 - 5.4 tonne)


This ultimate package mitigates risk of snapped ropes, or requirement to untie/tie knots in an extension rope, through the use of 2x 9 m extension ropes, and soft shackles to join them (meaning no risk of flying metal objects in a very unlikely instance of a rope failure). Total winching length (single line pull) would be ~30 m. 

A discounted package that consists of:

1x 2.7 - 5.4 tonne (12,000 pound) Wyeth Scott More Power Puller - weighing 11 kg, with up to 10.5 m of AmSteel Blue Dyneema Rope, capable of both single and double line pulls. 

1x Extension Handle - halves the winching effort by providing more leverage.

2x 9 m Extension Ropes - UHMWPE 12 strand 26,000 pound (~12 tonne) spliced rope, with nylon sheaths protecting looped ends. 

1x Winch carry bag

1x 26,000 pound (~12 tonne) UHMWPE 12 strand 2m long anchor rope 

1x Gloves

1x Loose stainless steel rope thimble

2x 35,000 pound 12 strand UHMWPE synthetic soft shackles, with nylon sheath. 

SKU: 10000-6-7

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